Athletic Training - Designing Effective Pilates Programs for Athletes


As more and more people discover the power of Pilates, we are seeing many professional athletes tap into its magical powers to find the winning edge, and bring elevated performance and longevity to their sporting careers. This workshop will explore and reveal a multitude of ways that Pilates can support any athletic training program, diving deeply beyond the obvious benefits to show how Pilates has a role in each, with practical application to specific sporting domains, and sporting seasons.

From injury prevention to injury rehabilitation, from improved sports performance to sports recovery, from accelerating skill acquisition to increasing career and performance longevity. We’ll consider this from the perspective of traditional Pilates as well as taking this beyond, exploring exercise variations across the studio to meet the ever progressive demands of high level modern sports.

Presenter: Jamie Isaac

At the end of the workshop the attendee will:

1- Be able to use Pilates to support all areas of any athletic program

2- Understand better how to communicate and cue athletes from a variety of sporting domains.

3- Have an increased tool box of traditional and creative Pilates exercises that can be used to support any athletic program

4- Have an understanding of the components that make up a training regime and how these relate to the specific seasonal demands of their focused sport.

5- Feel confident working with athlete’s, designing Pilates based programming for athletes and working within an athlete’s conditioning team.

Why should I take this workshop?

Register because you want to have a better understanding of how to apply Pilates exercises to athletic needs and how to design and craft Pilates programming for your athletes. Learn how to make Pilates progress quantifiable/measurable and add new exercises to your Pilates tool box to meet the needs of athletes.

What if I can't make the date and time?

We understand life is busy! If you cannot attend this course at this time, please follow these instructions:

1. Register for the course

2. Email Jamie at at to let them know you will not attend live but would like a recorded copy.

3. Within 48 hours of the workshop conclusion you will receive a recorded version that will be viewable for 2 weeks time.

Credits: 2 CECs

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