Archival Arm Springs, Neck Stretcher and Other Things!


Step back in time and discover some of Joe Pilates’ original exercises. This workshop will focus on the archival arm springs as well as exploring a few of the neck stretcher exercises, diving into how they all relate to the exercises we are more familiar with today. We’ll explore the intention behind each variation and have fun experiencing the movements and discovering our inner Joe!

Additionally, you'll enjoy an motivating standing workout inspired by archival sources that Joe has documented. The standing work is not only fun and challenging, but also brings a very accessible option when working with our clients as they transition from mat towards apparatus work. It’s a great way to reveal and experience the physicality within the work when you finish workouts upright, connected from head to toe, and ready to take on life outside the studio door.

Why should I take this workshop?

Discovering the original work can be a great way to better understand our modern take on the method and improve our teaching. It’s also a whole lot of fun!

This workshop is a great combination of discovery and participation, that allows you go back in time, and to share an experience of feeling the essence of Joe’s work, while looking forward to how it relates to our modern take on the method.

What if I can't make the date and time?

We understand life is busy! If you cannot attend this course at this time, please follow these instructions:

1. Register for the course

2. Email Jamie at to let him know you will not attend live but would like a recorded copy.

3. Within 48 hours of the workshop conclusion you will receive a recorded version that will be viewable for 2 weeks time.

Credits: 2 CECs

Cancellation Policy

Instructor Led Training

Online Instructor Led Training
2022-06-02 18:00:00 UTC - 2022-06-02 20:00:00 UTC

Available Course Credits

Peak Pilates 2.00

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop the attendee will:

1. Have an increased repertoire of lesser known archival exercises from Joe’s archival collection.

2. Experience these exercises (and others) and learn how they relate to their own student’s Individual Needs and how to introduce them within a workout or training plan.

3. Have fun experiencing individual exercises as well as a dynamic standing workout from Mr Pilates’ documented archival footage.

4. Discover a sense of why each exercise might have been created and connect with both the subtlety and physicality of the Pilates work.

5. Have a lot of fun, moving and discovering as a Pilates community.

Course Content

Welcome to Archival Arm Springs, Neck Stretcher and Other Things!
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