Pilates for Dementia and Alzheimer's


The global population is aging and memory loss is more prevalent than ever before. Join Pamela Garcia, Zoey Trap and other Peak Pilates instructors with experience teaching students who have cognitive impairments. Explore the range of cognitive issues that can challenge movement lessons and examine what is the difference is between dementia and Alzheimer's. Learn about some of the main forms of dementia and how they are different from one another and how dementia is different from Alzheimer’s. Discover strategies for identifying the onset of cognitive issues and solutions for helping students stay active and enjoy movement as they progressively decline. Take away theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the workshop the instructor will:

1. Be able to define Alzheimer's and Dementia

2. Describe the main differences between Alzheimer's and Dementia

3. Know how movement can positively impact cognitive impairment

4. Take away strategies for working with students who have memory issues

Why should I attend this workshop?

Chances are you will have, or already have, students in cognitive decline. This is often an under-served population and knowledge will replace an instructors fear of working with this population and replace it with practical tools that will provide confidence. General guidelines will be given that will help you create a framework to help others. Both Pamela and Zoey have first hand experience teaching students with dementia and Alzheimer's and they will be joined by other instructors to share their observations and experience.

What if I can't make the date and time?

We understand life is busy! If you cannot attend this course at this time, please follow these instructions:

1. Register for the course

2. Email Pamela at purepilatesinc@comcast.net to let her know you will not attend live but would like a recorded copy.

3. Within 48 hours of the workshop conclusion you will receive a recorded version that will be viewable for 2 weeks time.

Credits: 3 CECs

Cancellation Policy

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2023-06-23 18:00:00 UTC - 2023-06-23 21:00:00 UTC

Available Course Credits

Peak Pilates 3.00

Course Content

Welcome to Pilates for Dementia and Alzheimer's
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