Pilates for Life


Pilates for Life – taking Pilates beyond the studio to help your clients build confidence and move better in every day life.

With Peak Pilates LIII MI Karen Ingram/ email: karen@barefootstudio.co.uk

Learn to use the Pilates method to help people with the everyday movements we all need to perform in our regular lives. Many people lose the ability to perform ‘daily living tasks’ like climbing the stairs, bending to lift, turning to reverse the car, or easily getting out of a chair. This may be because of injury or weakness, or it can be caused by avoidance behavior driven by the fear of pain or injury. You can use Pilates to rebuild these skills and give people the confidence to get moving again.

What the attendee will learn:

The first half of this workshop will cover the theory of the ‘Fear Avoidance Model’ and the key steps to a ‘Graded Movement Plan’ approach. We will explore the role of breathing, visualization, finding the ‘change zone’ and you will learn many practical tools. With the second half, we will explore the best exercises to use to improve performance of daily living tasks including setting goals and using homework exercises.

Workshop Objectives:

At the end of the workshop the attendee will:

· Understand why people lose the ability to perform daily tasks of living

· Explore the theory of the Fear Avoidance Model and the importance of Graded Movement Plans

· Have clear tools and a strategy to reverse avoidance behaviors and build strength

· Be able to identify key Pilates exercises that directly benefit people’s ability to perform daily living tasks

Why should I take this workshop?

We all have clients who may have injured themselves in the past and now avoid some everyday movements. Teaching your clients to take the skills they learn in Pilates and applying them to life will enhance you clients lives and deepen your teaching. Your clients will love you for it!

If you are unable to attend live, please email Karen after you register at karen@barefootstudio.co.uk to request the recording.

Credits: 2 CECs

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2023-09-29 18:00:00 UTC - 2023-09-29 20:00:00 UTC

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