FitCore™ Reformer: Bonus Workout 3 - Everybody

by Zoey Trap, MSc

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The Everybody workout is a perfect class for new student, less fit individuals, seniors, or those who just like a slower pace. It makes a perfect orientation session class as the tempo and transitions are slower and it includes lots of extra stretches.

FitCore™ Bonus Workouts were originally used in the MVe Program. We realized that while the outfits are dated- the choreography still had great value, so we decided to offer them as a low-cost addition to the FitCore™ Workout Library.

Credit: 1 CEC

Prerequisite: Level I Certification or FitCore™ Reformer

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Peak Pilates 1.00

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Welcome to FitCore™ Reformer Bonus Workout #3: Everybody
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