Pilates Burnout

by kathryn coyle

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Burnout is real and this past year has pushed instructors to the limit. We may see signs of burnout in ourselves and/or in our clients. Explore what causes burnout and how you, as a Pilates professional, can recognize the signs of burnouts and apply practical solutions to keep you in an optimal place to for your clients. Clients too, experience burnout in life and with their Pilates practice. Being dedicated to a discipline that continually asks for refinement and improvement can take a toll. Discover how we, as instructors, can keep our clients excited, engaged and inspired by their Pilates to help them stave off burnout in life? Join leadership coach, Kathryn Coyle, for this in-depth look at burnout and gain tools, knowledge and tips to manage burnout and help you and your clients stay Pilates strong.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the instructor will be able to:

1. Define and describe what is burn out- how to recognize it/causes.

2. Explain what instructor burn out is and how to avoid it.

3. Understand how to prevent Pilates burnout in clients.

Why take this workshop?

Understand the cause and effect of burnout and wake up to the reality. As a Pilates instructor you need to know what to be on the look out for, how to prevent burnout, and what strategies to employ to deal with it when it happens. Gain new insight into client burnout, why clients quit Pilates and discover ideas that will help you retain clients.

Credits: 2 CECs

Prerequisite: None

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Peak Pilates 2.00

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Welcome to Pilates Burnout
Pilates Burnout

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