casa™ Reformer Workout - 30 minute full body workout

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Get an efficient and challenging full body workout in this 30-minute practice on the casa™ Reformer from Peak Pilates®. Develop long, beautiful, strong lines inside and out with this full-body focused Reformer practice, which uses straps, the footbar, shoulder blocks and includes a gentle cool down. Taking your Pilates sessions beyond the mat and onto a reformer allows for more resistance and options to challenge your body in all directions, all while remaining a low impact and incredibly effective practice.

Take your Pilates at home experience to a new level with the beautiful and innovative casa™ Reformer, which was made with the utmost quality and attention to detail along with the dedication to tradition that Peak Pilates® is known for. The casa™ comes at studio height, with a four-position locking footbar, one-hand gear bar, a long/short box, and with sustainable vegan leather straps to give you the most effective, smooth, and quality Reformer Pilates at home experience.

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